Automotive Warehouse Distribution

"Fuel Systems has been a member of the Polaris family since 1997. During that time our company has optimized our inventory, streamlined our warehouse operations to provide the best customer service possible. We chose Polaris because of the software's ability to efficiently handle multi location operations. Polaris' customer support provides quick responses to our questions and assists us with quality location training when needed.

Jeff and Lisa Koppelman
Fuel Systems, Inc., Brookfield, WI

Automotive Engine Rebuilder Market

"With high demand from many of our customers, Polaris System is user friendly and flexible to accommodate special pricing, POs, and other internal numbers and codes so we can keep our orders straight. Customer support is fast accurate and in most instances you are talking to someone within minutes resolving the issue".

Charlie Crumpton
Memorial Machine, Tulsa, OK


Heavy Duty Truck and Service Market

" Using Automatic Purchasing in Polaris we were able to decrease inventory over 60K while sales rose with no lost sales."

Tom Ball
Liberty Equipment, Fredericksburg, VA

Performance Racing Industry

“The purchasing software is invaluable for helping us to eliminate lost sales, minimizing inventory, and increasing our inventory turns.

G-Force South
Asheboro, NC

Diesel and Fuel Injection Market

“The fact we know everyday where we stand, financially and in the shop, due to the reports from our night-time, so that if something looks out of line… we can make adjustments immediately rather than waiting until the end of the month to correct something”.   

William J. Oehlschlager
Central Diesel, Inc., Richmond VA