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ASP "web-based model" solution that is made for the smaller shops under $1 Million in revenue. An externally hosted solution allows organizations to integrate their Business Management Systems without all the overhead costs of their IT Staff and implementation. Platform is provided on site and is a "mid-level" solution allowing for business integration and lower total cost of ownership with real time management. Primarily a fit for the $1.1 to $5 Million in revenue. This product allows for multi-locations. This fully integrated robust solution provides full business management with enhanced inventory control and accounting modules. This solution is utilized by larger shops and warehouses. This product allows for multi-locations.
Polaris helps you deliver the best service possible. No more running around the shop to see if the customer's job is completed. At the touch of a button, you can find out if you have the core to build a job, who is working on what, and the estimated time of completion. When a customer calls to check on their job, you can give them a quick, accurate answer. And for every job, you know exactly all parts and labor costs, and how much profit you make.

Imagine reducing your inventory investment by $60,000.00 in one month and not losing a single sale! How about eliminating unwanted purchases of stock because you happened to be overstocked in one location? Polaris optimizes inventory through centralized purchasing which increases inventory turns.

Running a business on a computer system that is not designed specifically for you is like building something without the right parts and tools.

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